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By Zhannabelle

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After Zhannabelle’s Online School for Women:

You will get harmonious, reliable relations full of love and respec

You will be able to make your dearest wished come true and attract the well being

You will create a field of protection for your lineage and close people

You will get rid of fatigue, stress and depression

You will get an inflow of energy from the Universe to reveal your talents and super powers


Each course consists of three 1.5-hour webinars.
The webinar consists of a lecture and a shamanic ritual.
You can register for one or all courses at once.

The effect of astral rejuvenation and wellness, healing and recovery. 5 Aphrodite SECRETS - source of luck and good mood. WORLD OF APHRODITE is for youth and health. Healing baths of Aphrodite. MASSAGE OF Aphrodite, revealing attractiveness, relieving stress and dependence.

Prepare essential oils on request and sea salt in a beautiful bowl.

Recommended amulet earrings that reveal femininity and beauty

Group ritual "Golden Bowl of Aphrodite" healing of the genitourinary system, astral rejuvenation.

The ritual “The Element of Water” gives a woman love, smoothness, softness, playfulness, and the ability to follow her partner. The water woman is an endless ocean of fantasies and near her, emotions blossom rapidly. Her world is filled with love. She sees the meaning of life in it only. The water woman is emotional and sensual, devoted and patient. Her sensitivity, openness, generosity, and kindness cause the most beautiful and brightest feelings in people.

Things to bring with you: water in a cup

The ritual “The Element of Earth” gives woman strength, patience, wisdom, care, mildness, self-confidence, the ability to bring creative ideas to life, to be a mother, keeper of traditions and family hearth, and to give life. The earth woman is a woman-mother, wise, consistent, kind, and calm. She is wise and farsighted. She, like no one else, feels the hidden nature of things and understands their essence. She has a lot of natural feminine aspects. Earth reveals the nature of a mother and housewife in a woman.

The housewife is defined by gracious living, contentment, the ability to be a resource for maintaining her space, be coherent, harmonious, maintain order inside her, the desire for purity, and neatness of thoughts, affairs, and relationships.

Things to bring with you: a stone

The ritual “The Element of Air” gives a woman novelty, lightness, elegance, movement, and aspiration for development. The energy of the Air gives a woman a sense of her own value and uniqueness, royal dignity, and helps to get rid of unnecessary thoughts and opinions of others. The air woman is unpredictably beautiful. She is natural and lives in the present, without regretting anything. The air reveals in a woman the role of a sister or a friend for her beloved husband.

Things to bring with you: incense

The ritual “The Element of Fire” gives a woman energy, creativity, and imagination. The energy of Fire awakens in a woman the desire and ability to give love and pleasure, to enjoy life, to rejoice every day, spread brightness and radiance, the ability to be sensual, creative, and inspire her man. The fire woman is emotional and optimistic. She has inexhaustible energy and sweetness. To gain her heart, there is a great movement forward in the world.

Things to bring with you: a candle
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  • Zhannabelle is the Author of international Bestsellers ‘Love and Laugh’, ‘Life Designer’, and ‘Joy Painter’
  • Inspirational speaker for women of all countries and nationalities
  • Doctor for healing love and life traumas
  • Zhnnabelle deals with all of your personal spirits of trauma and those inherited from your anscestors
  • Zhannabelle is the leader of women’s POWER ACTIVATION ceremony in more than 300 cities
  • She has a superability of charm, and she transmits this positive vibration eye-to-eye, filling you up with health, love, and abundance

Online School schedule:

October 29

Workshop GODDESS – Aphrodite archetype, the ideal of femininity and beauty


November 19

The ritual “The Element of Water”


November 24

The ritual “The Element of Earth”


December 1

The ritual “The Element of Air”


December 8

The ritual “The Element of Fire”


Video testimonials about Zhannabelle’s work

Testimonials about the Online School

Laura, Hanover:

I have long dreamed of improving my financial situation. I tried to start my own business twice, and twice I failed. I had a good company, but in 3 years I have not moved a step up the career ladder... As if I was enchanted.
It's a good thing I got an invitation from Zhannabelle to an online school at my most desperate moment. I collected all the money I had been saving for the rainy day and started studying.
As a result, I passed all the levels of the online school and bought a special amulet. This sounds unbelievable, but a week later I got an offer for a remote job! The conditions were better than I ever had, the salary was three times higher, and the best thing is that I like my new company and the tasks that I accomplish!

Greta, Amsterdam:

After my mother’s death, I lost the meaning of life. We always had a relationship of trust and she was my best friend, counselor, and assistant. When she suddenly died, I didn't understand how and why to live. I didn't see the point.
A friend of mine helped me out of a depression and gave me a paid class at Zhannabelle's online school.
I learned to manage my energy, how to fill it, and how to receive power from the outside. It fundamentally changed me and my idea of life. I realized that I could be happy again, and I could taste the flavor of life again.
Zhannabelle's online school helped me get out of a deep depression.
Thank you, Zhannabelle!

Karen, Lisbon:

I've been attending Zhannabelle's group and seminars for a long time, but, unfortunately, I had to postpone the group and seminars temporarily because I was moving to another country.
At the same time, I realized how important it is not to remain complacent, and how important it is to maintain and keep my energy level in order to make all my wishes come true.
So, when I learned about being able to learn in an online school, I immediately signed up for it. What I particularly like about Zhannabelle's classes is her work with different areas of life. After all, some people’s main focus may currently be their health, yet, for someone else, their personal life is the most important issue. And still, another may be looking for their predestination, while others financial success. But no matter what kind of request you come to Zhannabelle with, positive changes occur in all areas. Take myself as an example: I have, as they say, positive changes on all fronts.

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